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Hoson House was founded by Chizuko Asada in March 2013 as a community outreach center for music and the arts. It was inspired by her late grandfather, Hoson Asada, a well-known Japanese calligraphy (shodo) artist.

It has been Chizuko's dream, as a classical pianist and teacher, to create a place where performers and audiences share and exchange the experience of music in an intimate setting. Large modern concert halls deny classical music performers and their audiences the intimacy of the salons of Mozart and Chopin's era. Hoson Room—where Hoson’s works are displayed—reflects this ideal, equipped with two grand pianos and 80 seats, creating a thrilling experience for performers and audiences alike.


It’s been a great success so far. Since Hoson House’s inauguration in 2013, many first-rate performers have performed both solo and chamber music. Hoson House also provides valuable performance opportunities to young artists and college music majors, and is often available to private music teachers and organizations as well.

The performance and preservation of acoustic jazz is important both to local musicians and to our community. From the beginning, Hoson House has been fortunate to have Chris Wabich, a nationally known jazz and classical percussionist, as the director of its jazz division. The goal of Hoson Jazz is to bring talented jazz musicians into an environment where the audience can focus solely on the music.  

In March 2014 Hoson added a visual arts gallery to the Pagoda Room, providing a venue for local artists to display and share their work, with Talia Golian as Hoson Art Director. In January 2015, Hoson House received a grant from Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts (TACFA) for the installation of a wheelchair entrance. We are excited to be more and more involved in our community.  

Hoson House is a resource for musicians, artists, and people who love music and the arts to experience, preserve, and nurture their presence in our community. We are happy and proud to bring the finest music and art—past and future—to the community, and to an ever-expanding audience.

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